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AsiaBaseMetals Inc. (the "Company"), a mining company led by an experienced and successful business and mining team, operating under high standards of business conduct, is prudently advancing its 100% owned Gnome ("Gnome" Property - Cobalt & Zinc) and Jean ("Jean" Property - Iron Ore) projects in world-class mining districts in Canada, one of the safest and mining friendly jurisdictions in the world, while further diversifying its portfolio, with special attention directed to advanced acquisition targets in the Americas, Asia and Africa for base metals [Copper (Cu) / Zinc (Zn)], alkali metals [Cobalt (Co) / Lithium (Li)] and precious metals [Gold (Au) / Silver (Ag)].

The Company intends to retain commodity focus via/by plan of arrangement spin-out transaction(s) ("Spin-Co.'s"); in the same manner as when AsiaBaseMetals Inc. was originally formed.



The Path Forward > Envisioned, Planned & Being-Executed

"ABZ > ABZ-Cobalt/Zinc (#1) > ABZ-Lithium/Feldspar (#2) > ABZ-Iron (#3) >
ABZ-Next (Gold/Copper)?"


ABZ: # 1

Cobalt/Zinc - AsiaBaseMetals Inc.


Discovery of Cobalt (Co) - Gnome Project
First in the region, together with Zinc (Zn)

Soil Geochemical Survey Results - 2018
(see Corporate Presentation below / Company's News Release Oct 29, 2018)

Anomolous Cobalt (0.58% Co) together with Zinc (up to 5.99% Zn) and Manganese (up to 10.6% Mn)

Cobalt (Co)Zinc (Zn)Manganese (Mn)Nickel (Ni)Iron (Fe)


ABZ: # 2

Lithium/Feldspar - AsiaBaseMetals Inc.


Myanmar - Project Acquisitions - Branch/Rep Office

The Company has applied for an exploration permit for the Thazi Mineral Claims from Myanmar's mining ministry ("M-MM"), opened a local branch/rep-office ("ABZ-Myanmar-Office") and opened a local bank account, commencing its operations in Myanmar; having earlier received registration ("ABZ-Myanmar-Registration") from The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration ("DICA"), which handles company registrations for foreign businesses and serves as a secretary to Myanmar Investment Commission (the "MIC"), the responsible body for investment application.


ABZ: # 3

Iron Ore - AsiaBaseMetals Inc.


The Jean Iron Ore Project is located within the Thunder Bay Mining District in the northwestern part of the province of Ontario, Canada (approximately 65 kilometers to the southwest of the city of Thunder Bay & approximately 2 kilometers north of Whitefish Lake on Highway 588). Diamond drill tested (2012 - included eight vertical NQ-size drill holes totaling 492.88m bounding 3km by 0.5km area verified the known surface geology with additional detailed stratigraphic information). All eight holes intersected iron bearing Lower Taconite Member, whereas two complete Lower Taconite Member vertical intersections were delineated in 2 holes. The average true thickness was estimated to be 57.06m. In 2015, the Company completed a surface sampling, trenching and channel sampling program on the Property.

Weighted Assay: Lower Tactonite Member
(May-June 2012 Drilling Program Results)

Iron (Fe)MnSiO2P2O5


ABZ: # 4

Next - Coming Soon - Gold/Copper? - AsiaBaseMetals Inc.


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