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AsiaBaseMetals Inc. (the "Company") is focused in the Mining sector for value driven projects/assets; globally. The Company led by an accomplished, successful, and entrepreneurial business and mining team operating under high standards of business conduct to build shareholder value is advancing its current projects and seeking to acquire, explore, and develop advanced high quality mineral assets in safe, mining friendly jurisdictions.


The Company is Reviewing Advanced Mineral Projects for Acquisitions: The Company is reviewing advanced projects for precious metals (Gold & Silver), base metals (Copper) and other resources in the current cyclical commodity markets down-turn to cease and participate in the exceptionally favourable upcoming market conditions for commodities, especially Coper and Gold; as generally expected, predicted and forecasted based on current global economic-enviornment and conditions.

The Company is Advancing Current Projects: The Company's current 100% owned Gnome project ("Gnome Project" - Zinc & Cobalt), in the heart of an area that is home to both the Cirque and the Cardiac Creek Deposits, is located in a world-class mining district in Canada, one of the safest and mining friendly jurisdictions in the world.

"Gnome Project" - Zinc & Cobalt

bc-map-sm.pngThe Gnome Project (Gnome Project (Zinc/Cobalt), having the first discovery of Cobalt with Zinc in the region, 100% owned by AsiaBaseMetal Inc. encompassing 1,996 hectares (4 mineral claims) in the heart of an area that is home to both the Cirque and the Cardiac Creek Depoits , is located 35 kilometers SE along trend from Teck Reoures Limited ("Teck") & Korea Zinc's jpoint ventured ("T-KZ-JV" - 50% each) Cirque deposit and 15 kilometers south east from Cardiac Creek deposit (ZincX Resources Inc.). The Cirque & Cardiac Creek depsoits have no reported Cobalt. Show-Details...more ..

Gnome Project
(BC, Canada)


Cobalt (Co)


Zinc (Zn)


Manganese (Mn)


Nickel (Ni)


Iron (Fe)


Discovery of Cobalt (Co)
First in the region, together with Zinc (Zn).

Company's Two-Decade & Three Generation History


The Company has Completed the Spin-Out of Three Companies: The Company, under a plan of arrangement pursuant to a spinout transaction ("Spin-Co's") by way of a court approved plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia, Canada) (the “Arrangement”), completed the creation of three (3) Spin-Co's (having received the final order from the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada on July 27, 2020); where each shareholder of AsiaBaseMetals Inc., as of the record date, received shares (on 1 share for 1 share basis), effectively at no cost in each of the three (3) Spin-Co's (see News Release - Sep 2, 2020).


The Company Itself Was Created as a Spin-Co: In effect the three Mantra Spin-Co's were completed in the same manner as when AsiaBaseMetals Inc. was originally formed from Sandfire Resources America Inc. ("Sandfire" - name changed from TintinaGold), via plan of arrangement spin-out transaction(s)("Spin-Co.'s") to further enhance shareholder value. Shareholders of Sandfire, as of the record date, upon completion of AsiaBaseMetals Inc. as the Spin-Co. (News Release - Oct 9, 2009) received one new share of AsiaBaseMetals Inc. for each share of Sandfire then held (on a 1 share for 1 share basis), at no cost. more ...

“This journey for the original Shareholders started with a Capital Pool Company ("CPC"), and with the CPC having gone through a 8 shares for 1 share forward split, the shareholders have now gone through two series of spin-out transactions. The original shareholders have now been delivered a third generation of companies, at no additional cost. Along this journey the original Shareholders have participated in a recently permitted copper project (Sandfire Resources America Inc. – market cap approx. $400m), an exciting Cobalt/Zinc. exploration project adjacent to an established Zinc deposit (AsiaBaseMetals Inc. - market cap (Sep 1, 2020) approx. $6m) and now as the third generation; being (1) Mantra Exploration Inc., (2) Mantra Pharma Inc. and (3) Mantra 2 Real Estate Inc., all on a 1 share for 1 share basis, at no cost. Upon successful listing of the (3) three new Spin-Co companies on various stock exchanges (as planned and anticipated), the currently undeterminable value of the Spin-Co's will come to a determinable fruition; once again rewarding the long-standing Shareholders."stated Raj Chowdhry


Diversify Assets - Special Attention Directed to Advanced Assets in the Americas.

AsiaBaseMetals Inc.'s business plan, given the current global economic and political environment and the projected anticipated outlook going forward, as deemed prudent is to diversify its assets. The Company is continuing to seek out additional Base-metals and Precious metals, mineral assets, and when appropriately warranted, production of precious metals (gold and/or silver); base metals (copper and/or zinc) the leading base metals for economic growth; and industrial metals (Cobalt and/or Lithium), the fundamental components for the exponentially growing power storage battery market sector.

Accordingly, the Company's highly focused and experienced business and mining team, on the board of directors (the "Board") and the advisory board (the "Advisory Board"), has commenced reviewing new business opportunities, including identified advanced assets, with special attention directed to assets in the Americas ( Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia & Ecuador).

Advance Current Zinc / Cobalt (Gnome) Project Prudently & Economically
The Gnome Cobalt/Zinc project is located within highly prospective geological area in Canada, one of the safest and mining friendly jurisdictions in the world, and especially where other world-class projects are currently being advanced by notable well-known and well-funded companies' who are likely to continue to upgrade the infrastructure and the access in the area to allow for production, thereby continually reducing the exploration and access costs. Pursuant to the Company's business plan, the project was acquired upon the completion of a previous extensive review of upcoming future global demand for various types of metals when metal prices were unfavorable and/or depressed, especially for Cobalt, Zinc., at what management believes to be exceptionally low prices, representing "cents on the dollar for exploration work previously already conducted"; and without significant dilution to shareholders.

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