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A Spin-Co: (Completed Pursuant To A Plan of Arrangement by AsiaBaseMetals Inc.)

Mantra 2 Real Estate Inc. ("Mantra Real Estate" and/or the "Company") is focused in the Real Estate Development sector, including Casino-Entertainment/Destination-Resorts (focus - Croatia). The Company is led by an accomplished, successful, and entrepreneurial business team operating under high standards of business conduct to build shareholder value. Having reviewed the Croatian market; specially the areas of Biograd na Moru [(view (Biogrd na Maru-Video)] and Rogoznica-Lozica [view (Rogoznica-Video)], both in Delmatia, Croatia, the Company has selected its first development project (News Release April 16, 2020); a property (21,223 m2) located adjacent to the ocean front in Rogoznica-Lozica [(Project Development Plan: Luxury Homes (24 homes), and a Luxury Hotel (32 Rooms)] - as outlined below under the heading Corporate Information & Operations - Company Operations),

The Company is continuing to diversify its asset portfolio via timely value-driven project acquisitions. Acquistion timing of Land for Development, Commercial Real Estate, Hotels, Destination Resorts & Casinos, especially in the current and cyclical real-estate markets is opportune; markets now being severly impacted by the COVID epedemic and the resulting impact on the economy, tourism and the highly probable forcasted upcoming period of inflation.


Current Project(s)

The Company has entered into an option agreement (the "Option Agreement") to acquire and develop Luxury Homes and Luxury Hotel. (see News Release Apr 16, 2020) - (see further details provided below under section - Corporate Information & Operations - Company Operations).

Latest News:

Sep 2, 2010 ` Asiabasemetals, Mantra Exploration, Mantra Pharma And Mantra 2 Real Estate Annouce Closing Of Spin-Out Transaction

A Two-Decade & Three Generation History

Our History

The Company became a independent publicly reporting company effective Sep 1, 2020 upon completion of a court approved statutory plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) (the "Plan of Arrangement") undertaken and executed by AsiaBaseMetals Inc.(Trading Symbol: TSX.V: ABZ). (see News Release - Sep 2, 2020).

In accordance with the Plan of Arrangement, among other things:

  1. the Company acquired certain real estate interest in an option to acquire realestate in the Republic of Croatia; and
  2. in consideration of the foregoing, the shareholders of AsiaBaseMetals Inc., as of the record date, received one common share in the capital of Mantra 2 Real Estate Inc. for each share of AsiaBaseMetals Inc. held on the record date. As a result, Mantra 2 Real Estate Inc. ceased to be wholly owned subsidiay of AsiaBaseMetals Inc., as of the record date, and the shareholders of AsiaBaseMetals Inc. also became shareholders of Mantra Real Estate Inc., on a 1 share for 1 share basis.

“This journey started with a Capital Pool Company, and through two spin-out transactions the original shareholders have now been delivered a third generation of companies; at no additional cost. Along this journey the original ABZ Shareholders have participated in a recently permitted copper project (Sandfire Resources America Inc. – market cap approx. $200m), an exciting Cobalt/Zinc. exploration project adjacent to an established Zinc deposit (AsiaBaseMetals Inc. - market cap approx. $17m) and now as the third generation Mantra 2 Real Estate Inc., Mantra Pharma Inc., and Mantra Exploration Inc. on a 1 share for 1 share basis." stated Raj Chowdhry, CEO.


Rajinder (Raj) Chowdhry, CPA, CA.


Rajinder (Raj) Chowdhry, CPA, CA.

Mr. Chowdhry, the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Futura Capital Limited., a private venture capital company, has invested in and raised funds for various projects around the world. Mr. Chowdhry, currently a director of various publicly listed companies, has over 35 years' experience in the capital markets; being the founder, chairman, director, chief executive officer and president of several public companies trading on global Stock Exchanges including Stock Exchanges in the United States and Canada.

Mr. Chowdhry was one of the founding directors of America Mineral Fields Inc. [(Copper mining/production) -- name changed to Adastra Minerals Inc. and acquired in 2006 by First Quantum Minerals Ltd.]. Mr. Chowdhry was also the founding director, Chairman and CEO of International Thunderbird Gaming Inc. (Casino Gaming operations), Axion Communications Inc. (Internet operations), Sandfire Resources America Inc. [(Black Buutte Copper Project - Final Mine Operating Permit Granted) (prior to name change: Tintina Resources Inc.)], SolidusGold Inc. (Gold exploration), Camphor Ventures Inc. (Diamond exploration & mining/production), and a director of Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. (Diamond exploration & mining/production). Camphor and Mountain Province entered in to a business combination in 2007 to unify their existing joint venture with De Beers Canada, leading to commencement of diamond production in Canada in 2016.

Mr. Chowdhry, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) received a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Comm.) degree from The University of British Columbia ("UBC"), Canada, and his designation as a Chartered Accountant (CA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, Canada. He is also a charter member of the Vancouver chapter of The INDUS Entrepreneurs (TIE).

Henry Park


Henry Park

Mr. Park, the Chief Investment Officer of Foundation Capital, was formerly a partner at Vulcan Mining, a mining private equity investment platform of Soros Fund Management. Prior to Vulcan Mining, Mr. Park held the position of managing director and commodity strategist at Electrum Group; after being for several years, the commodity analyst at Soros Fund Management where he focused on commodity investing in public and private equities and futures. Henry started his investing career at GE Capital where he was Assistant Vice President in the distressed debt business, followed by a long/short equity analyst in basic material sector for Highlander Fund Management (part of Ospraie Fund Management's Wingspan platform). Henry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from University of Chicago and Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University.

Terrylene (Terry) Penstock


Terrylene Penstock

Terry Penstock has over 20 years of experience in the finance and securities industry. Terry started in finance, in the investment and insurance business, as a licensed insurance broker (1995-1998) going on to achieve an agency license with Northwest Life & iA Industrial Alliance Pacific Life. Terry focuses on entrepreneurial business development and finance. Having worked both with private and public companies, from the formation of business plans through to execution of financing and going public, she has guided the process of financial structuring, venture capital and public relations in the mining, bio-tech and technology sectors.

Ms. Penstock a founder and director of various publicly listed companies, all listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, is a co-founder and former director of Tintina Resources Inc.

Ionnis (Yannis) Tsitos


Ioannis (Yannis) Tsitos

Mr. Tsitos, originally trained as a physicist-geophysicist, having over 27-year experience in the mining industry; 19 years with BHP Billiton group prior to his departure in December 2007 from his position as New Business Manager for Minerals Exploration with a global reach, has lived and worked in South Africa, Ecuador, Greece, United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to having been part of two discovery teams with BHP Billiton in porphyry-copper and nickel-sulphide deposits, he has been instrumental in the identification, negotiation and execution of more than 50 exploration agreements with juniors, majors, as well as with state exploration and mining companies.

Josko Vukic

Advisory Board Member

Joško Vukić

Mr. Vukićc, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of hands-on experience in business, in Canada and Croatia/Europe, in both the construction and agriculture industries currently manages and operates his two successful construction companies in Vancouver and the Lower mainland, British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Vukić also continues to focus on his land holdings and agricultural business activities in Croatia, a member country of the European union ("EU"). A native of Croatia, Mr. Vukić has strong economic and political relationships within Croatia, especially in the agriculture, medical/health and security industry sectors, both at the regional and national levels. Mr. Vukić has in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the civic and national governing bodies of Croatia. Mr. Vukić, prior to immigrating to Canada in 2004, was also a Croatian military employee in special forces under NATO from 1996 through to 2014. Mr. Vukić, co-founded an educational enterprise "Tulipan" a non-profit pre-school educational Centre within Croatia to give back to the community of his origin.

Kashmir (Kash) Heed

Advisory Board member

Mr. Kashmir (Kash) Heed

Mr. Kashmir Heed is a businessman, public policy advisor, and a former Canadian politician, who was elected to the British Columbia Legislative Assembly (2009 to 2013). Kash was appointed the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General (2009 to 2010). Prior to entering politics, Mr. Heed had a distinguished law enforcement career spanning over 31 years. He was the Chief Constable of the West Vancouver Police Department (2007 to 2009) and Superintendent of the Vancouver Police Department where he held several high-profile command positions over the years. Mr. Heed holds a Master of Arts degree from the School of Criminology (2005) and a Bachelor of General Studies degree in the field of Leadership in Public Safety (2001) from Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Corporate Information & Operations

Corporate Information

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Company Operations

The Company, pursuant to an option agreement (the "Option Agreement), has commenced operations in Rogoznica, Croatia, as it reviews other upcoming projects.

Rogoznica - a Cruising Guide on the World Cruising and Sailing Wiki

[view (Rogoznica-Video)]

(Pending Approval - Submitted for Building/Zoning Permits)


The Optioned Property comprising 21,223 m2 in size is located adjacent to the ocean front in Rogoznica-Lozica, Croatia. The Property is being considered for development into hotels, villas and/or other entertainment structures (News Release April 16, 2020)".

Pursuant to the terms of the Option Agreement, the Company may exercise the Option within a three year period (the "Term") by paying to the Optionor (i) upon execution of the Option Agreement, an aggregate sum of EUR€30,000 (which amount has been paid in full), and (ii) at the time of the Option exercise, a cash payment equal to the aggregate amount paid by the Optionor to the Owner of the Property under the Underlying Agreement. The exercise of the Option is in the Company's sole discretion and the Company has no further payment obligations over the Term, unless and until the Option is exercised. (see Note below).

"Note: Subsequent to the execution of the Option Agreement, to advance the Optioned-Project forward, the Company arranged and advanced funds (approx Euro 124,000/-) to the Optionor personally as requested, to assist/enable the Optionor specifically to advance the Optioned-Property/Project. Hence, enabling the Optior to fund the necessary expenditures specifically to Plan, Design and Submit the Plans/Designs for Approval from the relevent authorities ("Permitting Authorities") overseing the process".stated Raj Chowdhry, CEO.

Project Update: The Company is pleased to inform the shareholders that the Optionor has informed the Company that the development plans in respect of the Property have been submitted (July 2020) to the authorities for approval, with the approval expected to be granted by January 2021.

"With tourism being harshly impacted globally and especially in Croatia in a severe manner due to the Coronavirus ("COVID-Outbreak") both currently and in the near foreseeable future due to the inevitable negative economic impact (economic-slow-down), and more specifically in Croatia, the time to acquire/develop both in the Real-Estate Development and Casino-Entertainment/Destination-Resorts sectors/arenas is opportune. Croatia today, especially with the current general economic condition being magnified by the current and upcoming impact from the Coronavirus, provides the Company the perfect gateway, allowing the Company to maintain focus and execute. Croatia being highly dependent on the tourism/recreational sector (approximately 20 million visitors/tourists in 2019) annually is now facing the upcoming impact on the Real Estate sector; providing the Company a unique opportunity. The Company has the best resource to cease the opportunity and to succeed, the "Right People". The Company looks forward to its entry into Croatia and to be a good corporate citizen; adding value and comfort to the lives of the Croatian people, especially in these difficult times". stated Raj Chowdhry, CEO.

Market: Europe 740 M (EU - 512 M) People
[Over 20 M (Million) Tourists Annually From Around The World]


"You can well imagine, the opportunities in the Real Estate Sector in Croatia, the EU and Europe. Croatia is a country with a small population (approx 4 million), prestine waters, and a country attracting more tourists every year. These features, going forward, are likely to attract even more tourists and part-time residents, especially given the impact of the Covid pendemic on travel (approx 80% of the tourists in Croaia arrive by automobiles and other land transportation). Croaia, the jewel catering to a corwded Europe. (Europe population of 740 million people, with EU representing approximately 512 million)," stated Raj Chowdhry, CEO.

Note: "Qualified Person" information is provided, as required by regulatory authorities, in the "Disclaimer" section of this website under the heading "Technical Information". (Click Here To Read Full Disclaimer - Covering All Content & Statements Above)

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